Whether you’ve already started a summer cleaning mission this season with a garage sale or major tasks like organizing the garage, it’s still smart to develop a comprehensive summer cleaning checklist. Summer is an ideal time to deal with all those nagging winter chores that have been left by the wayside. Here is a room-by-room guide for keeping your home spotless all summer long from the maid professionals in Mckinney at My Maid Service:

All Rooms

*Clean windows by washing and removing grime and dust from windowsills

*Dust and wipe down all blinds and curtains

*Spot treat wall spots that need TLC with fresh paint

*Wipe down vents and sanitize and clean switch plates and frequently touched areas like door handles and banisters


*Remove grout in between shower tiles with a toothbrush and cleaning solution

*Remove and replace shower curtain liner, if needed

*Dispose of old or empty bath products

*Put soaking solution inside the toilet bowl and clean lid, handle and back of bowl thoroughly

*Remove toiletries and wipe down medicine cabinets and counters

*Clean mirrors and lighting fixtures

*Wipe down drawers and cabinets

*Launder any bathmats or rugs

*Mop floors and clean baseboards


*Dust all furnishing and knick-knacks

*Move and vacuum underneath the bed

*Wash bedding, sheets and pillowcases

*Dust and clean all bedside tables, art and lighting fixtures

*Clean out and wipe down bookshelves or other bedroom furniture

*Clean out closet and remove dust bunnies and wipe down shelving

*Deep clean or spot treat carpets


*Remove all food items and wipe down countertops, pantry shelves and refrigerator

*Clean stovetop and scrub or use oven self-cleaning option

*Wipe grime off microwave exterior and interior

*Sweep and mop floor

*Clean out and disinfect trashcans

*Clean silverware drawer and wipe out crumbs or food particles

Living Room

*Dust and clean glass on pictures and frames

*Remove and vacuum all sofa cushions

*Dust any houseplants

*Wipe down light switches and dust lamps

*Dust and wipe down all appliances and baseboards

*Shake out rugs and vacuum the carpet

Need help getting through your summer cleaning checklist? Book a cleaning with My Maid Service in Mckinney, TX today!