600600p30423EDNmainkid-chefs-300-x-250The kitchen is place for family, food and frequent conversations. Oftentimes the kitchen is part office, part homework center and part chef’s den. The heart of the home is one of the busiest and grimiest places in the house. Heed these tips for staying healthy and clean in the kitchen:

1.      Kitchen sponges can harbor around 10 million bacteria. Tackle this surge of germs by sanitizing them in the microwave. Wet them prior to microwaving and zap them for 2 minutes to kill the critters that lurk in crevices.

2.      The faucets and sink handles of kitchen sinks as well as drains can be teeming with crud. Wipe these surfaces with vinegar as well as baking soda for a natural way to clean and sanitize. For a non-natural option, try traditional disinfecting wipes or sprays.

3.      Cabinet handles and stovetop knobs as well as drains can harbor nasty bacteria. Use baking soda and old toothbrush, plus, some scrubbing action, for a way to abolish any bad guys.

4.      The average cutting board has considerable more fecal matter than the average toilet seat. A cutting board needs to be disinfected after every use and can’t just be cleaned with a quick rinse of water. Try the dishwasher for plastic boards and opt for vinegar for a regular cleaning. For raw meat, it’s best to wipe a cleaning board with a dose of hydrogen peroxide.

5.      Garbage disposals are often in need of a regular cleaning. Grind lemon peel in the disposal to remove stench and smells or try grapefruit and orange for zestier options. Freezing vinegar in ice cube trays can be a quick and natural solution to taking gunk of disposal blades. Drop vinegar cubes into the disposal and let water run for a minute or two.

6.      Microwaves can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft, flexible sponge. Microwaving the juice from a lemon along with half a cup of water in a bowl for up to three minutes will cause the microwave to shed interior gunk, thus, making it easier to wipe away.

7.      Garbage cans should be cleaned on a regular basis, especially those that are not used with bags. A disinfectant or mild detergent can eradicate stains and stink.

8.      A refrigerator should be cleaned on a monthly basis. An open box of baking soda will keep the fridge smelling fresh, and regular wiping with two tablespoons of baking soda with a quart of water will make the fridge shine and sparkle.