Purge the Excess Toys from your Home in 3 Easy Steps

Tired of discarded toys littering your stairway?  Are you all too familiar with the stabbing pain of stepping on Legos in the middle of the night?  It may be time to do a toy purge.  But, where do you start?

Purge the Excess Toys from your Home in 3 Easy StepsHere is how to regain control of your house by performing a toy purge in 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Ask yourself the tough questions.

Do they play with it?

Is it age appropriate?

Is it broken/missing pieces?

Is there room in your home to keep it?

If you answered no to one or more of these questions, it’s time to make like Elsa and “let it go.”  When it comes to toys, less is more.

Step 2:  Find a place for the things you are purging.

Broken toys or games with missing pieces can be tossed, recycled, or refurbished if possible.  (Monopoly money makes great fake cash register money.)

If a toy is still in great working order, but it’s no longer needed or age appropriate, consider donating to a local charity, or selling it on eBay.  You can take the proceeds and put them toward your child’s college fund.  Ka-ching!

Step 3: Find a place for things you are keeping.

Make sure you have a place for everything that you decide to keep.  Grab a few organizing bins so that you can find a place for every toy in the house.  Group like-items together.  If during the placement process you find a toy that missed the initial purge, don’t feel obligated to keep it!  You can always add to your “ditch” pile at any time.

During the purge you probably came across a few toys that have been outgrown, but you want to keep for sentimental reasons.  Your child’s first teddy bear is probably not something that you are ready to part with, even if they no longer play with it.  Keeping those few special items in a special plastic bin will protect them from the elements so that you can put them in the attic.

Clearing out the excess toys will automatically make your home feel cleaner, but if you really want that freshly cleaned feeling, call a McKinney area maid service!

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What’s your favorite tip for a successful toy purge?  Leave us a comment below to let us know!