Mckinney Maid cleaning

New Website for My Maid Service!

August 1, 2019, McKinney Texas – A well established presence in McKinney Texas, My Maid Service has increased it’s offerings for residential and commercial cleaning customers by offering a website with many new features not present in the old website. “We’ve just made huge steps this year to increase our footprint in McKinney” said Shawn Christian the owner of My Maid Service.

“We will continue to reinforce our brand goals” Shawn stated. McKinney has been a hot bed of activity and growth over the last several decades and will continue to do so. My Maid Service is well positioned to lead the market in not only residential cleaning but commercial properties as well.

“With our new chat feature, any new or existing customer that shows up on our website by phone or desktop, can easily communicate what they need without wasting time” stated Shawn. He’s right, the more a website utilizes interactive tools to increase the ease of consumer website conversions, a business owner will find more potential leads. My Maid Service is currently using ZenChat and has plans to expand on that platform for chatting.

A new approach has also been taken in how customers get the pricing on My Maid Service, with complete transparently on the operation.

“As our growth continues in McKinney, we hope to expand to further cities in North Texas” said Shawn Christian. Always Cleaning is our motto!

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