Maid services in McKinney Texas is not only competitive, but also very accessible to the public. Anyone who needs maid services can easily call one of the 15 or so companies located in McKinney Texas. They all provide unique cleaning services for residential and commercial. However, for the average consumer, only the top 3 to 5 tend to be the most optimal in terms of price vs satisfaction. According to Cleaning Today, a national company that tracks consumer satisfaction among Maid Services.

Relaxing Weekends

At My Maid Service, we receive many questions from potential new customer with questions on maid services. Typically they range from “do you clean base boards?” to the common “can you clean this weekend?” While we are just your average cleaning business. Maid services on the weekend is a significantly higher rate. Its best to book services on just regular Business hours during the weekdays. Hardly anyone will pay that type of rate for Maid services.


Quality Maid Services?

Maid services performance and quality tend to vary in McKinney Texas. This is because you can have small one and two person maid service crews. They try to handle 12 to 15 clients a week. Sounds easy, right? Not as easy as you would think. Small businesses can easily be overwhelmed by the cleaning materials and man-hours/woman hours needed. As example, someone has to take calls, send out invoices, order supplies, payroll, deal with the vendor costs and accounting. So that really leaves just won cleaning person to handle 12 to 15 clients week. Extremely difficult to say the very least.

On the other hand you have the our maid services companies tend to have many other cleaning crews in possibly even own company branded automobiles. You can spot please on the road or parked in front homes and offices. Do not be influence just because they know how to put a logo on their auto.

These larger companies tend to be poorly managed and sometimes the turnover can be extremely hot. How would you like a different person in your home every other week or two? Yeah, not many of us do. Maid services vary just like the temperature each year. However, when you do find the ideal maid services company in McKinney Texas, make sure that you get top quality cleaning and customer service. There is no excuse for poor, or inadequate cleaning. You are paying for a simple labor intensive service. Just like a workout.


Maid ServicesRating

It is important to get an idea of the companies rating. However, please accept it with a grain of salt. Sometimes, the maid services company can purchase fake reviews. These reviews may be all five stars that yet none of the customers ever engaged with the company. It is more difficult to obtain these type of fake reviews however it still goes on. One key way to judge a review is to look at the writing of the review. Many fake ones do not have a maid services cleaning agent name. Well real ones will actually call out Patty, Brenda, etc. This is a good indication they actually know the company and cleaning agents and review is perhaps real.

Another consideration with maid services is to look at the age of the reviews. If they are not recent such as in the last 2 to 3 months then reviews from seven years ago? If they were owned by a different owner, then it doesn’t really count. In addition some of those employees who did a fantastic job may not be there any longer. These are key factors to consider when looking at the reviews and ratings.



It’s also highly recommended that you not sign a long-term contract. Most may services companies do not require this agreement. If they do, it is a red flag. This means they are insecure on the quality of their maid services and if you try to cancel then they get a large sum of money. This is not how you want to go about business.

We recommend to find the best maid services in McKinney Texas is to try the top five. Let them send over their best cleaning agent and see how we do. Following month, hire a different company and see how well they handled the cleaning. This may seem tedious and unnecessary. Letting someone into your home every mouth, it’s best you get an idea of their cleaning skills.

It may seem extreme but go ahead and do the white glove test. If you do not know what the white glove test is, as I’m sure you do, please Google it. This is the best example of attention to detail. Were they were able to wipe the dust off of nooks and crannies that are not normally touched? And lastly if you’re unsure didn’t have your mother-in-law come over. That’s always the best test.



No, this isn’t the new and upcoming rap star. We are talking about your relationship with your Maid Services company. Knowing the cleaning agent and knowing the fine folks who help arrange a cleaning is who were referring to having a positive relationship and calling out problems when they happen. Do not let issues go unnoticed time and time again. You must bring up the problem very clearly so they can arrange a solution. If you prefer your 800 pound horse to sleep in the bedroom the weekends that’s okay. As long as the maid services company is prepared for that particular situation.


In Conclusion

Maid services does vary widely in the McKinney Texas area. Don’t always look at the ratings as the bottom line Area you can be fooled by companies that have no business being in the maid services profession. By testing each of the top five rated maid services companies you will find a winning star. Don’t overlook the fact that 3.5 and 3.9 ratings are still pretty good. No one is going to have a 5.0 rating period. Having a great relationship with your maid cleaning company will benefit you. As they will know what to expect when arriving at your residence.

We wish you the best of luck when choosing a maid services company in McKinney Texas. We hope that this article gave you a bit of insight to hiring the best maid services team.

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