Maid cleaning price transparency

maid transparancy priceWhat is the real maid cleaning price?

In today’s world consumers look for high-quality service and accurate pricing for their household needs especially with maid cleaning services in McKinney Texas. Made cleaning in Mckinney has become a blazing fast growing market within the last decade, according to business owner and entrepreneur Shawn Christian. “We’ve seen the economic Impact of thousands of new Texans, every month and Mckinney is a shining star of locations that need residential and commercial property maid cleaning services. “ states Shawn.


My Maid Service has implemented multiple new features for its customers to obtain real time maid cleaning services pricing. This is unusual step within an industry that typically does not favor transparency. What’s even more progressive is that there is no obligation to provide an email, and address or even a house size to get a cleaning price! Wow!

The default program options are fairly accurate in the median household size for McKinney Texas made cleaning services. Prices are at or slightly below market value for this area and income level of residential homes. Consequently, my maid service does also provide commercial property cleaning. Those commercial property market numbers may not be reflected in the residential maid cleaning services in McKinney Texas. However, having real time pricing that you can make now decisions about… awesome!


Another step beyond the typical maid cleaning service in McKinney Texas is the availability of access online. MyMaidService gives current and potential customers a chat box.  Now the website allows customers, as well as new customers, to obtain real-time update on their particular maid cleaning scheduling or quotes on upcoming services. “While these tools may not seem unique, they are terribly under-utilized in our particular market place” said Shawn Christian. “We are planning on making more adjustments in mobile view to fine tune our delivery of service. That’s our strategic first outlook of forth quarter 2019 and first quarter of 2020.”

Maid cleaning price transparency is now going to be the standard in maid cleaning services in Mckinney and surrounding areas. If they will not give you a price upfront, then clearly it’s not providing the clarity and transparency consumers are use to getting today.


Another item worthy of noting. In the cleaning world, there is a forever ongoing discussion about cleaning with green in mind. Recyclable, bio friendly Ecological concerns impact every business and especially in the residential cleaning.

How? More and more cleaning services are using zero-toxins in their cleaning products. That means no bleach or chlorine products or chemicals to remove buildup black mold in the shower. However, My Maid Service has solutions for these problems.

Using proven green-certified bio friendly cleaning selections authorized by our own United States Government, many products can effectively remove any type of dirt, buildup, mold and grime within a fantastic results. This may seem easy at first. Its all about education in the maid cleaning business. Consequently, this can be a significant challenge for many hobbyist home cleaning services.  If a maid cleaning service in Mckinney, as well as start up’s, with two clients under their belt, not a good plan.

Yes, it happens, and its very common that in the maid cleaning services world that pop-up shops happen overnight. Be very wary of these type of businesses because they may be after more than justcollecting your dirt. They may be into collecting your valuables as well so be forewarned.


Using the right maid cleaning price service in McKinney Texas can make a significant impact on your overall health, enjoyment in life while living in your home. Everything impacts Your state of happiness including how clean the house is to you and your significant other as well as visitors that may arrive without warning.

Being smart now by hiring professionals who use healthy products. Maid cleaning price transparency is a big concern. McKinney Texas residents enjoy well-being. Your life and your longevity makes happiness, which you deserve.

We have tested and tried many and the bottom line comes down to those who really care about their customers. Maid services can be summed up as a attention to detail. This is way more difficult than some may imagine. Well it becomes second nature for others it is the foremost the most important aspect of me cleaning.