How to stay one Step ahead of your Messy Pet

Anyone who has a pet knows that those sweet, loveable creatures can wreak havoc on a household very quickly.  If you have more than one in your pet family, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

How to stay one Step ahead of your Messy PetLove Fido, but hate the mess he leaves behind?

Try these 5 tips to keep your home a haven of clean without tossing the puppy out with the bathwater!


This one goes without saying, but you want to make sure that your pet has been properly house-trained.  If you are having trouble breaking an old habit, consider contacting a professional pet trainer for tips.  If you do find an accident, make sure you clean it up quickly and properly.  It’s not enough just to pick up the mess.  Use an enzyme-based product that is specifically designed for pet messes to keep from leaving behind any odors.


Just like we need to stay on top of our personal hygiene, our pets also need to have a clean routine.  A regular bath and a daily comb or brush will help keep loose pet hair from ending up on your furniture and floors.

Prepare and Prevent

Make sure your cat has regular scratching surfaces and that you trim your dog’s nails regularly to prevent any floor damage.  Close doors to rooms that you don’t want your pets to be in, and put a sheet over any furniture that your pet sleeps on so that you can simply move the sheet to reveal fur-free furniture when you have guests coming over, or when the sheet needs to be washed.  This is much easier than trying to lint roll an entire couch.

Vacuum.  Vacuum.  Vacuum.

If, despite your best brushing efforts, there is still a plethora of pet hair rolling around on your floors, your best friend will be your vacuum.  If you live on a multi-level home, you may want to invest in a lightweight vacuum for easy carrying, or in a vacuum for each level.  Don’t limit yourself to just vacuuming carpet.  Use your vacuum to clean the pet hair from your hard floors and furniture as well.

Hire a McKinney House Cleaning Service

Being a pet owner is a messy job.  (But worth it.)  If you need some help controlling the pet hair population that is multiplying under your couch, consider hiring a McKinney maid service. Click here to book a clean with My Maid Services completely online!

How do you stay one step ahead of your messy pet?  Leave us a comment to let us know your secret!