Get an Organized Home Office in a Week!

Get-anOrganized Home Office in a WeekA home office can be a catchall for a variety of miscellaneous—from stacks of bills and mounds of mail to children’s toys and craft supplies. Whether your home office is in a state of disarray or just mildly disorganized, this one-week cleaning strategy will help you reestablish your home office as a place for work and productivity. Here’s our one week home office cleaning routine:

Monday: Sit down and design your ideal office on a scrap of paper and decide what furnishings, décor and supplies would make your dream office come to life. Next, sketch the location for items and the ideal layout. Now, evaluate the items you would need to buy to get your office looking and feeling like an organized haven. Make a list to take to the local Container Store, Target or Walmart. Maybe a cute desk lamp would add more frill and fun? Perhaps, a working printer would make life easier? Or a desktop letter organizer would be helpful?

Tuesday: Hit the stores—purchase everything on your dream office list or anything that can be acquired within your budget. Be sure to include supplies that you’ve needed or been missing.

Wednesday-Declutter! Clear out any items that don’t belong in an office (clothing, toys, food, etc.) and find these items a new home. Donate or toss items that aren’t being used or have no purpose in your household.

Thursday-Clean! Dust, vacuum and wipe down computer keyboards and baseboards. Clean windows as well as the desk area and make sure bookshelves and desk drawers have been cleared of any grime.

Friday-Reassemble the freshly cleaned office with new décor, furnishings, art and supplies. Add any new organization containers or bins. Now, get to work and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Here are a few of our favorite office organization tools:

Desk Organizer with Smart Phone Holder

Bamboo Paper Organizer

Mounted Wall and Craft Organizer

Expandable Junk Drawer Organizer