Cool Ways to Earn Cash for Your Clutter

Cool Ways to Earn Cash for Your ClutterA clean house often requires diligence and dedication but it also demands clutter-free living. If there’s always piles of papers, mountains of toys and stacks of books, odds are that the house will remain dirty or at least feel messy and disorganized. Sometimes the act of cleaning requires a little motivation and there’s no greater incentive than cold hard cash. Here are some sneaky ways to earn money for all your old stuff:

Home Goods and Appliances


Try yard sale themed groups for unloading furnishings, dishware and other décor items.


Post an ad on Craigslist to get rid of your unused ottoman or old hot tub.


Sell that old Pottery Barn mixer or that set of china that has collected dust inside your cabinets.



Try a site like Gazelle for unloading old smartphones, iPads and iPods.

Apple Reuse and Recycle

Get an Apple gift card for your old electronics through the Apple Reuse and Recycle program.


Try selling old video games, books and other items on Amazon for a profit.



Sell clothing and accessories quickly and effortlessly using your smartphone by way of this app.

Consignment Store

Sell old shoes, handbags, scarves and other clothing items at a nearby consignment store or flea market.


Sell higher end accessory and designer items and even wedding goods on this website.

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