5 Things You Can Toss Without Thinking Twice for a Cleaner House in Mckinney

Whether you’re a clutter bug or an anti-hoarder, odds are you’ve got stuff lying around that could be eliminated for a cleaner home with more space. Holding on to things that no longer serve a purpose or things that are past their expiration date only creates more layers of mess to keep cleaning.

If you’re looking to rid your home of some excess items, look no further than these five things or if you’re tired of trying to stay ahead of all the cleaning projects contact our maid team or book a cleaning HERE for help getting your home clean and refreshed in Mckinney, TX:

1.) Hanging On

A closet overloaded with broken and mismatched hangers will feel stifling and can create more mess. Clear your closet of those old wiry hangers and plastic ones that came with your purchases. Alleviating your closet of hanger duds will create more space and a cleaner place for all your clothing.

2.) Married to the Mail

Discard paper piles! For a clean and revitalized house, clear coupon clutter and old bills and newspapers. Don’t despair over keeping catalogs and mail from long ago, as new mail will arrive with coupons, advertisements and clothing catalogs.

3.) Sayonara Strays

Souvenir coffee mugs, t-shirts from decades old rock concerts and pairs of mismatched socks can easily be given away to charity or thrown out.

4.) Takeout Toss

Whether it’s old chopsticks, soy sauce packets, straws or napkins, all the old takeout bits and pieces can likely be relinquished without much pain or problems. Give up the ghost and get rid of all the restaurant remnants.

5.) Expired and Tired

Get rid of all the old expired vitamins, the makeup that is clumpy or crusty and anything that is past its expiration date.