20 Nov

Are you walking on a spotless surface?

My Maid Service’s owner Derek Christian quoted on sheknows.com. Read more

03 Nov

My Maid Service updates the website for better customer experience.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Today, November 3, 2015, MyMaidService.com announced the launch of a new website to better fulfill customer usage and experience with the brand. The new website, developed...

28 Oct

5 Cleaning Hacks to Save Tons of Time

There are hacks these days for everything—mom hacks, blogger hacks, gardening hacks but almost everyone could use a few cleaning hacks for keeping their home from becoming a flurry...

10 Oct

Make Cleaning Chores More Fun!

While most people don’t consider cleaning a favorite pastime, there are some simple and easy ways to make those cleaning duties more fun and appealing. While cleaning can be...

26 Sep

Finding Your Best Cleaning Service in South Lebanon

Keeping a home clean is an ongoing and often exhausting endeavor that can be time consuming and unappealing. Whether you have a large family or are a single person,...

09 Sep

Cool Ways to Earn Cash for Your Clutter

South Lebanon Ohio Cleaning/Maid Service Ohio/Cleaning Lebanon/Top Rated Ohio Cleaning Service/Housecleaning Ohio/Clutter Tips A clean house often requires diligence and dedication but it also demands clutter-free living. If there’s...

02 Sep

Sell it Fast with These 5 Awesomely Easy Home Staging Tips

Looking to sell your current home? One of the most important parts of securing a quick offer is to stage correctly. Professional staging is a great way to make...

24 Aug

5 Steps to help you Organize Your Game Closet

When was the last time you had a family game night in your house?  Maybe it’s been a while because your game closet is overflowing and out of control....

15 Aug

Purge the Excess Toys from your Home in 3 Easy Steps

Tired of discarded toys littering your stairway?  Are you all too familiar with the stabbing pain of stepping on Legos in the middle of the night?  It may be...

06 Aug

How to stay one Step ahead of your Messy Pet

Anyone who has a pet knows that those sweet, loveable creatures can wreak havoc on a household very quickly.  If you have more than one in your pet family,...

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